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See What Garbage Collectors Did To A Man For Parking His Car In Front Of Their Office


A Chinese resident, Mr Shang, got more than he bargained for after parking his SUV in front a restaurant to meet friends. He was shocked to find his car in the middle of a garbage pile -few hours later.  He said he parked his car by the roadside, without noticing that it was right outside of a trash collection station’s entryway.


A cleaning worker nearby came and yelled at Shang after he returned to his car, as the worker explained angrily that his car was parked right on the driveway of the station and blocked garbage trucks that needed to enter to unload the trash.

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Since they couldn’t reach him because he didn’t leave any contact information on his car, and the garbage trucks in the city were on tight schedule that night, the truck drivers decided to simply dump the trash outside of the station and proceed to their other destinations for more trash pick-up.

The garbage left on street were supposed to be compressed in the station and then transported out of town, but “With the SUV blocking the door, nothing could be done really,” said one of the cleaners.

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Mr. Shang and his SUV weren’t able to leave the site as the car was surrounded by the piles of garbage. Later he paid a forklift truck 1,100 yuan ($169 US) to clear a way for his car to drive out from the trash heap.

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